Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet): Bird Species Profile

Quaker parrots (or even abbot parakeets) are actually known for their enchanting, amusing characters and their willingness to discover human speech. It is an excellent choice for bird enthusiasts that wish all the fun of a huge parrot in a smaller sized deal. They are actually a prominent pet, good for committed novices, as well as adapt properly to living in a “individual group” setting. Having said that, in some portion of the U.S., they are unlawful to inhibit as household pets. Get in touch with your regional laws prior to obtaining one.

Kind Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Quaker parrot, Quaker parakeet, abbot parrot, monk parakeet, eco-friendly parakeet, gray-breasted parakeet, Montevideo parakeet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Myiopsitta monachus

ADULT SIZE: 12 ins coming from beak to rear, considering between 4 and 5 ounces

LIFE SPAN: 20 to 30 years in captivity, some also much longer

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Source and also History

Belonging to a small portion of South America, the Quaker parrot’s assortment extends coming from central Bolivia and also southern Brazil in to parts of central Argentina. They generally stay in the forests and are actually understood for creating strong neighborhood connections.

These birds spend a great deal of opportunity generating complex houses from divisions as well as branches. Flocks of Quakers are going to typically build homes appropriate next to each various other to produce Quaker neighborhoods.

A sturdy bird, feral colonies of Quakers likewise stay in a lot of metropolitan locations throughout the globe. In some locations, particularly the southern U.S., wild Quaker populaces position a danger to plants as well as indigenous bird types.


Quakers are social and also quite self-assured birds by nature. They have the individuality of large birds in a little bit of bird’s body.

Once you establish a relationship along with a Quaker parrot, you’ll take pleasure in years of company. Most handfed Quakers are quite gentle and also may a lot of create great family pets for children.

Speech and Vocalizations

The majority of Quakers establish a substantial lexicon as well as may also create a number of phrases. Mimicking sounds and singing are some others abilities of this particular little bit of beauty. Quakers are little chatterboxes, particularly when you get much more than one bird in a space.

Some managers state that it is actually a quiet bird, while others believe they’re also loud. They carry out certainly not make raucous screams like other parrots, but they will definitely get in touch with out on occasion.

Quaker Parrot Colors and also Markings

The regular colors of an adult Quaker are actually a vibrant green on the scalp, wings, as well as back. The bird’s very most specialty is the grey bosom, cheeks, and also neck. This coloration resembles Colonial-era Quaker garments as well as is actually just how this bird received its own title.

They possess beautiful blue flight plumes and also a lighter green cast on the underside of their tails. Their beaks are actually horn-colored and also their feets are grey. On the whole, they appear like a stalky cockatiel.

Captive breeding systems have also generated a wide array of attractive colour anomalies in Quakers. Among the most prominent mutations is actually a blue combination Quaker parrot cultivated in the very early 2000s. Dog breeders have actually also produced albino, sugar-cinnamon, lutino, as well as pied Quakers.

This bird is a monomorphic species, which indicates the women as well as guys appear precisely identical. The only technique to recognize without a doubt the sexual of your bird is actually by means of DNA sexing or a medical sexing method.

Caring for a Quaker Parrot

Quakes are incredibly active birds and also need to have to possess an adequate amount of room to play. Their cage needs to be a minimum of 18 ins upright, though they’ll do also a lot better in a bigger room. Ensure it is actually toughly created. These birds not merely like to chew, however they are additionally well known for knowing just how to open the crate as well as getting away from.

Place a bowl along with fresh water inside the cage for a birdbath; this can offer hours of enjoyment, workout, as well as mental stimulation.

Quakers may get vigorous if they believe their house is threatened. If you are actually offering another Quaker to the one you already possess, allow the two to acquire familiarized in distinct crates and also form a connect.

If you possess a canine or even cat, you will definitely likewise would like to keep an eye on your Quaker. They could be relatively brave and also try to handle even the most significant pet dogs.

Common Health Problems

The very most popular health issues with Quaker parrots are feather plucking as well as fatty liver illness. Quakes are actually pretty easy to fix up reviewed to various other parrots.

Fatty liver disease is usually caused by consuming high-fat foods, namely eating a seed-based diet plan. A well-balanced, varied diet with seeds just provided as periodic addresses can help keep your bird healthy and balanced.

Diet plan and Nutrition

Quakers are recognized to become superb eaters as well as their diet plan should feature the fruits, vegetables, and also nuts they normally consume in bush.

As an imprisoned bird, their principal diet plan product ought to be a high-grade, commercial developed pellet mix. Provide a selection of clean fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, almonds, and also healthy and balanced dining table food items. Origin vegetables, peppers, and vivid fruit and vegetables are important in their diet plans.

Feed these birds concerning 3 tablespoons of pellets each day and deal a minimum of a 1/4 cup of new vegetables and fruits in the morning. Discard the fresh meals that are actually fasted by the side of the day. You can easily offer a second feeding of vegetables and fruits a couple of hrs just before bedroom.

Some Quakers tend to become over weight if permitted to indulge in a lot of fattening almonds as well as seed deals with like sunflower seeds, peanuts, and millet.

Like all household pet birds, clean water must regularly be offered. Never ever provide foods that are harmful to birds like coffee, avocado, as well as dark chocolate.


Give your Quaker along with plenty of toys as well as a play gym as a spot to burn their electricity as well as action. Quaker parrots need to have a minimum of pair of hours of outside-of-the-cage attend a bird-safe room. Close doors and windows, turn off roof ventilators, shut out fireplaces, and also get rid of possibly poisonous plants and also other dogs from the room.

Rounds, bells, as well as smaller sized eat toys will certainly interact as well as interest your bird. These fantastic birds will certainly typically have fun along with problem playthings.

Make it possible for Quaker parrots to exercise their nest-building inclination. Your bird might make an effort to interweave things into benches of its cage or may pick to start nesting in a corner of your home using arbitrary things it locates. Be sure you manage these curious birds during the time they’re out of the cage.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Quaker Parrot

Get in touch with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as well as your local legislations to be sure that it is actually legal to always keep a Quaker parrot. Given that several Quaker parrots may shed their residences for a wide array of explanations and are actually offered for adopting, call your local bird adopting and education groundwork if you want receiving one.

Generally, dog breeders market Quaker parrots coming from $300 to $1,000. On-line rescues, adoption associations, as well as breeders where you can locate Quaker parrots include:

  • Take on a Pet
  • Birds Now
  • Bird Breeders

Search for a bird that is actually vivid, alert, and energetic. See to it the breeder is actually proficient regarding their birds as well as looms concerning their multiplying methods and the origin of their birds.

Quaker parrots (or priest parakeets) are actually known for their lovely, humorous individuals and their determination to find out individual speech. Quakers are quite positive and also social birds through attributes. Quakes are little bit of chatterboxes, particularly when you acquire more than one bird in a space.

One of the very most popular anomalies is actually a blue hybrid Quaker parrot created in the early 2000s. Quakers are very energetic birds as well as need to have to have an appropriate amount of room to play.