Alexandrine Parakeet: Bird Species Profile

Understood for their beauty, intellect, and superb speaking potentials, Alexandrine parakeets have been actually prominent as animals for centuries. Named for Alexander the Great, who is actually pointed out to have possessed a lot of these birds, it was an amazing animal had by the aristocracy and also the elite. This medium-sized parrot is actually the biggest of the Asiatic parakeets. It is a caring bird that usually tends to be a one-person bird, creating deep connections along with its own individual keeper.

Species Overview
USUAL NAMES: Alexandrine parakeet, Alexandrine parrot

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Psittacula eupatria; Five subspecies feature P. e. eupatria, P. e. nipalensis, P. e. avensis, P. e. magnirostris, P. e. siamensis

ADULT SIZE: Up to 25 ins

LONGEVITY: Up to 40 years

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Source as well as History

This species came from India and Sri Lanka. The Alexandrine parakeet stays in woodlands, woodlands, agricultural lands, and also mangrove forests of as much as 3,000 feets in altitude.

The parrot is named after Alexander the Great, that transported many birds from Punjab to European as well as Mediterranean areas. These birds were treasured by royalty as well as royalties. Feral populaces presently reside in Spain, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, the Arabian headland, Iran, and also Hong Kong.


Tame, handfed Alexandrine parakeets can easily make affectionate and also caring pet dogs, although they usually tend to come to be “one-person” birds. They firmly connection to a favorite family member while keeping away from others within the home.

Like other Asiatic parakeets, many Alexandrine parakeets look at a hormonal, threatening bluffing phase during the course of teenage years (grow older 4 months to 1 year), which can be challenging for less skilled bird proprietors to manage. This duration can easily last coming from pair of full weeks to 2 years, relying on the bird.

With suitable socialization as well as making use of building approaches, Alexandrine parakeets normally resolve well right into their brand new property environment and thoroughly delight in communicating with their proprietors. These birds are actually very smart and are actually understood to be excellent talkers, making all of them preferred pets.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Alexandrine parakeets can be loud as well as fairly noisy, so they are perhaps certainly not the best option for those that reside near neighbors. Their effective articulations rollover a cross country in bush, so it may be challenging to always keep one in a flat or even residence setup.

This bird has an outstanding capacity for imitating individual speech precisely. The Alexandrine parakeet has a range of telephone calls, including ringing sounds, deeper as well as loud “klak” sounds, and also a resounding “gr-aak” telephone call. Its own calls are much deeper than the Indian ringneck parakeets, as well as it is actually alert telephone calls are actually louder, too.

Alexandrine Parakeet Colors as well as Markings

Slender Alexandrines can reach a span of 25 inches, and most of this span is because of its own lengthy, stylish rear plumes. They are a little even more stocky than Indian Ringneck parakeets.

Coloring is actually primarily eco-friendly along with blue-grey on the cheeks and rear of the neck, yellow-green abdomen, reddish patch on the shoulders, a massive reddish beak along with yellow recommendations. The bottom of the tail is actually yellow; the top of the tail is blue and environment-friendly with yellow at the suggestion.

Alexandrine parakeets are actually a dimorphic bird types, meaning you may inform males aside from girls. Adult males have a rose-colored as well as black band around their necks. Girls are the same color without the back bands.

Caring for an Alexandrine Parakeet

Recognized for their charm, intellect, as well as outstanding speaking capabilities, Alexandrine parakeets need a considerable amount of space, hrs of communication, as well as supervised out-of-cage opportunity each day. Care for this bird may be a decades-long commitment.

This bird might be a medium-sized parrot, yet it still requires a huge crate to accommodate its lengthy rear feathers. At the minimum required, provide a cage that is at minimum 3 feet tall as well as 2 feets broad and also long.

These birds love to soak frequently and also play in the water. Supply a large water shower at the very least as soon as a full week. Your bird may additionally like an occasional misting.

Common Health Problems

Alexandrine parakeets are reasonably healthy birds; however, they are actually susceptible to numerous ailments:

  • Polyomavirus: A harmful infection; juveniles and hatchlings are very most in danger
  • Psittacosis: Also referred to as parrot high temperature, this disease in humans triggered by the chlamydia microorganisms
  • Aspergillosis: A fungal breathing contamination brought on by the aspergillus fungus

Diet plan and also Nutrition

Many pet Alexandrine parakeets succeed on a diet plan consisting of fresh vegetables, leafy environment-friendlies, grains, some healthy and balanced seed, plant nuts, and also a high-quality, commercially-made, produced pelleted diet. New vegetables are actually the cornerstone of an excellent diet for parrots.

Provide your bird 1/4 to 1/2 mug of pellets and also 1/4 to 1/2 mug of fruits and veggies daily. Boost or decrease the quantity according to your bird’s hunger. Remove the uneaten meals to prevent wasting.

Physical exercise

Alexandrine parakeets are actually incredibly energetic birds. They need loads of exercise to keep their emotional as well as physical health and wellness. A sizable tour crate is preferable for these birds. They need to have space to become capable to move without wrecking their lengthy, wonderful tail plumes.

These birds require a minimum required of 3 to 4 hours a day to stretch, play, as well as workout away from its own cage. Monitored leisure needs to become in a safe, “bird-proof” location. Alexandrines are actually extremely curious and also may get into issue if left to roam neglected. These smart birds acquire worn out quickly, therefore give loads of chewable, bird-safe toys.

Where to Adopt or Buy an Alexandrine Parakeet

Contact nearby fostering as well as saving companies to view if there is one that might be for you and invest some time along with them and also their birds. Monitor just how the birds communicate with their caregivers and also various other member of the family.

Alexandrine parakeets may set you back from $500 to $1,500. Savings, adopting companies, as well as breeders where you can discover Alexandrine parakeets feature:

  • Northeast Avian Rescue
  • Bird Breeders
  • Buddy Parrots Re-homed

If you’re going the breeder route, make certain that the breeder is respectable through asking the length of time they’ve been actually working and reproducing along with Alexandrine parakeets. Additionally, make certain that the bird you wish to take home looks out, active, and also shows all the indications of a well-balanced bird, like intense eyes, tidy plumes, as well as complete plants.

Named for Alexander the Great, who is stated to have actually possessed numerous of these birds, it was actually an exotic pet dog had through the aristocracy as well as the best. It is a caring bird that has a tendency to be a one-person bird, developing deep-seated connections along with its individual keeper.

The parrot is actually called after Alexander the Great, that moved several birds coming from Punjab to Mediterranean and european areas. Alexandrine parakeets are a dimorphic bird types, implying you may say to guys apart from ladies. Alexandrine parakeets are extremely energetic birds.

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